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EastBayG: Re-branded Artist!

EastBayG, formerly known around the Bay Area, California and Phoenix, Arizona as ‘Zay Parraz’ rebrands himself for the better! EastBayG had a credible résumé with his previous songs, including H.O., Bob Guadio, and Tonight to name a few. His popularity was proven with a growing fan base, though, he had decided to rebrand and rename himself. Why? I have the answer!

EastBayG was not only popular with the crowds and his fans, but was highly respected with other local artists in the community. It seemed as if success was near in sight. I asked EastBayG why he felt a rebrand was in order, here is what he had to say: “I don’t think I had captured my sound yet. I was loud, rapping about random topics, and I felt like I was just, everywhere. I didn’t have my niche yet. I remember I tried booking a concert to open for Lil Boosie and the booking agent told me he didn’t feel it was my style of a concert. I kinda knew what he meant but he didn’t know I was finished working on some fire by that time. He wouldn’t allow me to sign up and that’s when I knew what I needed to do.”

EastBayG has been seen in the studio with a few collaborating artists including Melly Bandzalot, M7.o.c., Widow M.K.R, and even two members of the death metal community, David Wendling who was a drummer from Hounds Of Tindalos and The Writ, and Anthony Espocito, who is a vocalist for a new group called Kilo Az. It’s apparent that a new level of heat will be headed our way.

Expected to be releasing music in mid 2025, EastBayG has dabbled in other projects including writing a novel and opening a family medical office in Mesa, Arizona, which is now seeing patients. He will also be expected to drop a book around the same time as his music debut. He describes a love tragedy from a past relationship as inspiration and although there’s a book deal on lock, there isn’t any word on a specific publish date as of yet. There’s an upcoming photo shoot for the book cover and song thumbnails. We do know that there was some work done in the studio for a playlist that will be part of the book.

Unfortunately, all previous releases under Zay have been removed due to the rebranding process. We will all have to keep an ear out for his return in 2025! In the meantime, EastBayG will continue making more content for the release. There’s zero doubt that EastBayG will be widely accepted back into the community and some of his music engineers say that these new drops will instill his spot in the world of HipHop.

By: Carlos Ochoa

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Expected to be releasing music in mid 2025, EastBayG has dabbled in other projects including Pink Palm Puff Oversized Hoodie

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