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EastBayG - “By The Pound” featuring M7.o.c.

EastBayG, the rap maestro from the East Bay, brings a fresh twist to the game with his latest track, "By The Pound," featuring the charismatic M7.o.c. This lyrical journey is nothing short of an auditory vacation steeped in lessons.

The highlight of this track lies in EastBayG's ability to manipulate the rhythm of his verses, seamlessly accelerating his flow in the middle of his bars. It's a virtuoso move that allows him to fit more lyrics into each line, keeping the timing impeccable. This technique is like a lyrical sleight of hand that leaves you awestruck, underscoring EastBayG's prowess as a wordsmith.

The sonic backdrop of "By The Pound" is equally enthralling. The beat is a concoction of soulful and ominous elements, creating a unique atmosphere that perfectly complements EastBayG's lyrical storytelling. It's almost as if the beat is a character in itself, whispering secrets about high-quality cannabis growing and easy access to it. The synergy between EastBayG and the beat crafts an alluring atmosphere, immersing you in their world of indulgence and danger.

M7.o.c. graces the track with his presence and effortlessly commands the listener's attention with swag and bravado that are nothing short of magnetic. His entry is a game-changer, adding depth to the song and elevating its appeal. The chemistry between EastBayG and M7.o.c. is palpable, and it's their clever wordplay and metaphors that craft a portal into their world of intrigue.

In the midst of this musical journey, there's a profound and insightful line that stands out: "when the homie got hit, it opened my eyes. You either doing the killin or you the victim that dies." M7.o.c. drops this line with a weight that resonates deeply, highlighting the harsh realities of their world. It's impactful and serves as a sobering reminder that their lyrical tales are grounded in a harsh, unforgiving reality.

"By The Pound" isn't just a song; it's an invitation to step into the enigmatic realm of EastBayG and M7.o.c. Their storytelling, lyrical prowess, and charisma make this track a must-listen for those who seek rap that's as captivating as it is skillful. EastBayG and M7.o.c. have woven a captivating tapestry that's well worth indulging in for its depth and insight.

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Sophia Cruz
Sophia Cruz
Dec 04, 2023

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