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Drei Marghitas of Actual factual podcast shot at while filming podcast! watch the footage!

2020 has been one hell of a rollercoaster for the Arizona Podcaster and advocate for the AZ Hip Hop Scene. Drei was one of the first people in AZ to be diagnosed w/ #Covid19 and just recently had his first child.

Last night while filming the podcast Drei was approached by two men. (The video of the podcast clearly shows what happened after.) A few minutes before they attempted to rob Drei, the men shot and killed a woman in a nearby parking lot as well as shooting a 17 teen yr old.

Once the men shot at Drei, he threw his vehicle in reverse and backed his car quickly out of the driveway. He pursued the men (4 in total) in his vehicle, chasing them at high speeds through the North Phx neighborhood. He called 911 and notified police to what had happened. PD eventually joined the pursuit.

The chase lasted approximately 10 min in total and the Men were taken in to custody at gun point by Phx Pd.

If we know one thing is for certain, Drei is here for a very real reason.

2020 can eat a bag of dicks, lets hope things get better from here.

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