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Drake's 'All In Challenge' Prize Is A DREAM COME TRUE

It isn't just dancing challenges that have take over during the quarantine. The latest trend to hit the internet and social media has been the #ALLINCHALLENGE which has seen the likes of Kevin Hart, Meek Mill & Leo DiCaprio to name a few. Championed by Michael Rubin, co-owner of Sixers, the challenge is meant to raise money for the current coronavirus epidemic and give fans a chance at some truly out of this world prizes in the process. Drake was nominated by Tom Brady and he gladly accepted the nomination from the Legendary QB. Drake posted a video where he offered up a remarkable prize package while standing in his Toronto mansion.

“I’m gonna offer up everything I can for this challenge. Whoever wins, you’ll get the chance to fly on Air Drake. I’ll have the OVO and Nike care packages waiting for you on the plane. Fly you to L.A. You’ll get to party with us at one of our private parties at Delilah. We’ll have a great time, put you up in a great hotel with whoever you choose to bring for the weekend. And it doesn’t end there because we’ll link back up in the city that you’re from and I’ll give you the best tickets possible to the show whenever we can tour again.”

Quavo is also getting in on the challenge with a prize package that includes a producer credit on his next piece of work. This doesn't just mean your name for posture. It will come with an entire day of working next to Quavo and learning the production techniques he uses first hand while creating something together and getting full credit for your efforts and contributions. That is a massively huge opportunity for anyone especially those that want to get into the music industry themselves. It doesn't end there. Quavo will also take you to dinner with his friends after you both hit the track to drive in one of his Lamborghinis.

All money raised will be distributed to multiple charities. The more money you spend the more goes to charity and the higher your chance of getting your potential prize. There is a cap of 200 per auction. Check out more details on how to win at the official Fanatics website.

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