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Dog Vs. DOG

Thanks to VERZUZ for making something epic Wednesday evening July 22nd 2020. By bringing two of the best and most influential rappers of my very own generation together to go head to head track for track. In what some will say a true East Vs. West battle. A dog from the East a healthy looking DMX and a dogg from the West Snoop Dogg. Unlike battles we see today or have seen in the past. This was a beautiful moment for my soul personally and hiphop history in general. Reaching over 500k tuned into the live battle on Instagram. With everyone in music and entertainment that u can think of from bloggers, artists, producers, actors, radio personalities and many fans to see the reactions of the music battle.

Starting off the battle Snoop asks X to set the mood with one of his traditional prayers. X brought the mood by also asking snoop to put his blunt down while they pray. They went on to battle 21 rounds in which I will post a track list so you can see who you think won each round. They started off the first round with snoop going first with 187 from Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album. X came back with the Intro track to his own album It’s dark and hell is hot. But there was a few rounds that stood out to me and I’ll start with round 7.

Snoop started the round with Aint no fun from the doggy style album giving shout outs and respects to the late great Nate Dog. While X took on the round with his featured track Back in one piece from the Romeo Must Die soundtrack. Paying his respects to the beautiful friend he and the music industry lost back in 2001, Aaliyah.

X got deep speaking to all up and coming rappers about speaking out your pain and making good music. To follow up and share that he was sexually abused at the age of 13. I think this is another moment that was shared last night that hiphop needs the communication of the dark and light the good and the bad. Everyone has a story and we all as the hiphop community can turn our negatives in to positives by working together being honest and knowing we’re all in this together.

Going on to the 9th round snoop explained that not only was he starting of this round with Gz and

Hustlas he wanted to make sure he shouted out the young kid in the intro to the song as well. Putting everyone up on game who didnt already know the voice in the skit and the kid peering in the visual was nonetheless a young Shad Moss who we all know as Bow Wow who later became a huge rapper as well.

I was honored to watch live and witness two of these rappers come together making history hyping one another up. Speaking highly of each other’s bars and music and even how they both influence one another. This is what real hiphop is and needs to be. If you missed it you can find the auto of the battle on Apple Music under the VERZUZ label.

The track list for every round will be posted!

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