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Dirtsquad welcome new member in uplifting fashion on “Dreams”

How can a universal concept like having a dream feel fresh? How can you bring in a fourth member and not disrupt the balance of a group? How can you showcase every member and not overdue it? How can you ensure that you do the beat justice when all of this is on your plate? You should go ask Dirtsquad cause they seem to have the perfect answer for that as the former trio brought in Wrangler Dan on the Chris Massiv produced “Dreams”

Starting with the subtle vocals of Wrangler Dan over the melodic beat, its a great intro point to catch your attention.

Roox comes in first and delivers with multiple syllable rhymes and story telling that puts you in a montage of triumphs. The emotion is held back a bit to let it build to the first time the hook plays and Wrangler Dan delivers on that hook. The lyrics are honest, simple and speak to the comradery the entire group shares. When AK comes in with the second verse, its a continuation of the topic with a more detailed personal picture. He takes the door that Roox opened and cracked it open a little more. The last verse is easily the best as Justin Klein raises the bar with his turn on the mic. The flow is switched up more than once but never loses impact or intensity and if anything only keeps building until the best bars of the songs are recited from “so we had to keep the masses waiting” until Wrangler Dan comes back on for the final verse of the song.

The beat by Chris Massiv is definitely a highlight of the song and could have easily been intimidating to some artists but Dirtsquad balanced introducing a new member whilst doing the beat justice. The production on the song is good and doesn’t feel like its too much or too little and having the verses all build was a smart approach to a song that has such a universally deep concept. You don’t always want your songs to be an exhibition of rapping especially when you’re trying to connect with your audience through an uplifting point of view. The ability for Roox to set the tone and have things gets more complex and intricate is a true indication of the growth of this group and their songwriting. We might all have dreams but Dirtsquad seem to be a little closer than most to reaching them.

Lyrics: 3.5/5 Production: 4/5 Topic: 3.5/5 Beat: 4.5/5 Originality: 3/5

Overall: 3.75/5

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