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Drake has officially received his co-sign as being a top 5 rapper from Diddy. The legendary hip hop mogul took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the six god and why he thinks he belongs in the highest eschlon of artists in hip hop history.

“Two years ago, three years ago, I didn’t know,” Diddy says humbly to start things off. “It’s clear the work you put in, you’re in my official Top 5. For real. That’s right. Y’all heard it. Hits, hits, hits, hits, hits, hits.”

Drake replied, “Thank you. That means the world to me. There’s very few opinions that hold as much weight as yours. Obviously, you want to talk about studies, we studied you since Howard days. I studied the stories from those Howard days and just how relentless you were." The reply shows that Drake takes Diddy's statement to heart and it very touched by his endorsement.

The bad boy founder was on IG to host a nine hour event titled “Team Love Dance-A-Thon.” It was developed to generate money for healthcare workers through Direct Relief during COVID-19.

Not only Drake but Lizzo, LeBron James, Jennifer Lopez, and DJ Khaled, among many other artists and celebrities, joined in the live stream. The event raised over $3.7 million towards their cause.

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