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It seems like the feud between Ja Rule and 50 cent will never end as the two continue to go at it on Instagram. Ja Rule challenged 50 Cent to a battle on IG Live but was denied with an insulting meme posted by 50. Ja Rule has responded with a meme of his own, making 50 cent a rat and calling his "Curtis Ratson" in the caption.

While not the first time these two have had an issue, this particular chapter in their heated feud started when Swizz Beatz and Fat Joe talked about the idea, just the simple thought, of the two going head to head on IG Live. Ja Rule was definitely into the idea but 50 Cent took it as an opportunity to not only say no but add some insulting words in the process, or to be more clear an insulting meme of a down on his luck Ja Rule with a sign that read “I will battle 50 Cent for attention." Ja Rule's response is in line with his previous statements in the past about 50 Cent being an alleged snitch throughout his career.

This beef seems to have no end in sight with attempts at squashing things being greeted with renewed vitriol. Ja Rule might have won the meme battle here just based on how funny this ultra realistic version of Rat 50 Cent is compared to a poorly photoshopped face of Ja Rule on a seemingly homeless man.

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