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Denzel Davis drops "Tom Brady" Video and preps to release Muggsy Bogues 2 #MB2

Denzel Davis drops "Tom Brady" Video and preps to release Muggsy Bogues 2

Q : who is muggsy bogues and how does he correlate to Denzel Davis A: man muggsy bogues is one of the shortest players to play in the nba who achieved great height in his career and inspired hundreds of kids that anything is possible how muggsy correlate to me is that he was the underdog in every situation on his rise to the top and I’m in the same position I’m always the underdog and ppl always count me out into I surprise them with what I am capable of doing

Q: How where you able to tie Tom brady and muggsy bogues together

A : they both elite stars in their own right and both play very important positions in their sport that help lead their team to victory so it was easy to tie the too together

Q: For the people who don’t know Denzel Davis what is something they should know about you A: man imma survivor and I don’t give up no matter how hard the task is for me tbh I just recently beat tumor cancer and depression which both I had been battling with my whole life but really started to take effect on my mental and physical health in 2017 and turn things upside down for me so these past three years I been fighting for my life having back to back to back surgeries was feeling lost and crazy at one point from personal life issues to going to rehabs for physical therapy on a daily and just over coming obstacles that has been set in my way to try and stop me from getting to the top but also trying find that balance to do music and keep music part of my life

se 3 years back i got singles dropping videos and performances here in Az also out of state as well i also got a second album imma release called delusional that I recently completed right after MB2 and then imma follow up with a third album called Paid in Full with my group called THM that I form with two other artist name kt Gipson & vonni g we decided to all come together because we all had common goals and was working towards the same things and previous was helping each other out with things that were music related so it just made since Q What inspire you to do a muggsy bogues 2 and how do you feel like it will impact the culture

Life, i had to live a little and go through so changes to get me to where I am at today man I went through so much these past 3 years it’s crazy life came at me so fast and caught me off guard but mostly I grown and change as an artist and person I’ve seen things that would make the average or normal person shit down but I also wanted to give a voice to the people that was around me who didn’t have a voice who couldn’t tell they story so I told it for them but I also told mines as well if that make sense and part two to that question I’m different I bring reality inspiration storytelling to you at the highs level it’s graphic like I don’t suger cote anything I cut it to the people raw and real because that’s the only way to really open a person eyes when they can visualize what your saying and it’s relatable at the same time so I’m bring me to the culture All original and authentic at the end of the day Q: How many albums/ projects do you have out already and as far as all your albums which one do you feel is the best one A: I have 4 projects that out Hustle&Faith, February, Muggsy bogues, Apollo and my favorite one that I feel is my best work of art is Muggsy Bogues 2 so when that one come out you will definitely see why I said this is the one for me Q : who all features on the album MB2 A : nothing but talented artist and producers man frfr like they all out elite players in the industry as far as artist I work with for this project it’s was kt Gipson , vonni g , j.melo, bookie , Marquel dejuan , Lacey January, big tipsy , play loco, dirty dan and Au now far as producer on this project it’s was dirty dan, Iroc, Beatsbyht , MubzGotBeats , Akt Aktion , B Young , Beneficial Production , Jabarionthebeat and Niko all these cats are amazing and brought a different sound to this project this album is for everyone is the best way I can’t explain but I gotta give a huge shout to my guy Brian Gigerich who did all the mixing and master for this tape who studio called Hks that I record out of one of the best studios on the planet in my opinion Q : what are you favorite records of MB2 and why A : all of them, To be honest they all got a story behind them and you can learn so much from there I feel like every track holds it own weight and you can see where I was but also what I was going through and the things that was happening around me in each particular song I would have to listen to the album for another 2 to 3 years to really have a favorite song Q: do you ever try and keep up or compete with other artists you see moving in this game or that’s popping at the moment A : keep up and compete nah I just wanna be the best version of me and put out the best material to the fans so I actually work at my own pace and take as much time as need to make sure I perfect my craft and artwork it took 3 years and some change to put out part 2 of this Muggsy Bogues series Q : After part 2 will we see a part 3 in the near future A : you just gotta wait and see I don’t like to think or get to far ahead of my self I like to take things one step at a time in the game I learn you gotta have patience but you have to also fully plan everything out and know your next move with out thinking twice about it Q: Who would you say is your top five mc that influenced you to rap A: tbh the whole 90s era of rap music influenced me frfr I just study a lot of the artist from the 90s so you will hear west coast music in me east coast music in me down south mid west and so on and so I’m but also I study a lot of 70s and 80s r&b growing up with my moms that’s all she would listen to so she passed that down and the sound just stuck with me throughout all these years Q : well the people is looking forward to hearing your new album and all the new things you have in the works good luck on your journey A : thank you it’s a blessing to be in this position and we swing for the fences make sure you to follow me on all social media platforms Youtube @DenzelDavis909 Facebook @DenzelDavis909 Instagram @DenzelDavis909 Twitter @DenzelDavis909

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