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Denver rap Legend Nyke Nitti drops new producer project

Just a couple years after transitioning into producing Nyke Nitti is entering his 7th project already with his latest release IssNykeNittiOnDaSlappTellEm: No Games. Nyke Nitti, formerly known as Nyke Loc, is a Denver rap legend with over 20 years in the game. As one of the first big rappers to come out of the Mile High City in the early 90’s he is still at it but this project shows this is no publicity stunt and his beats are banging.

This is the 2nd volume of the same name featuring some of the top Denver artists like Esi Juey, Colorado Myrical, A Meazy, Taurean, Mic Tee, Let Loose, Young Doe, Twizz Loak, Vamp Dog, Tuxx and more. But the transition from rapper to producer took some time to cultivate as people

weren’t used to Nyke behind the boards.

“People had to get to the studio, get in a vibe and listen to my stuff to really feel it,” said Nitti. “This is my gym, I’m in here everyday. I make beats everyday.”

Unlike a lot of producers, Nyke didn't expect to just get on because of his rep, he really stuck with the process. "I started feeling confident when I would have guys come to my house and I would just play beats and they would be like 'Wow you made all these," said Nitti. "I was very surprised and felt like now they feeling me. At first they wasn't feeling me before, but I said 'ok my shit ain't hot yet,' and just kept making more beats and putting the work in."

Nitti may have been in the game for a long time but at the video shoot for the title track “No Games” You could never tell, as he has the excitement and jubilation of a new artist. The video Denver favorites Esi Juey, Colorado Myrical and Mic Tee, which is more like a historical preservation of Denver's 5 Points area, as the neighborhood is under a huge gentrification push with most of the Black businesses shut down. The first video released off the project was Kutty Bang - Keep Kallin.

One of his first projects as a producer was last year’s Eat This Beat Vol. 1, where he was also working besides Mo Heat, Tc Crook and Cheff Premier, vets in the game who garnered a little more attention than him. But by having his own recording stuff he was able to bridge some of those relationships and continue to get the beats out to those ready to rock on them, which lead to this and more albums.

Listen to Ontoneyo's interview with him here ...

if you are interested in working with the producer contact him

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