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DEEZ - "Embodiment"

If you need a feel good track to get you up and out of your funk or just keep the good times going, then check out "Embodiment" from the Underground Uprising "Artist of the Week" DEEZ. This track is full of life and enthusiasm that you can't help but vibe to it. The key element that drives this song is the energy of DEEZ. He does a great job of being the embodiment of positive words and actions. His infectious fervor for life captures you and holds on from start to finish.

The instrumental, starting subtly and elevating organically, is hypnotic and allows DEEZ to demonstrate his brand of positive and Hip Hop. Seeing things through a positive lens instead of a negative one yields the best results and with lines like "You have all the power up in your mind', you can tell that DEEZ is not an artist frozen by fear. He wants you to "chase what you love" and this song is a damn good anthem to play while you're doing it.

The first verse is a good example of easing into a song and letting your bars build as it goes. This approach really helps make the second verse pop with more complicated rhyme schemes and a more dissecting delivery that ends with a smooth tone and a calm demeanor befitting a man that is on his true path and content in his place in the universe. The flow on this track allows for you to "bop" with the rhythm and energy while digesting powerful affirmations like "Problems? Continue to solve them" and "Stop spreading lies". This song leaves it mark not only in style but in substance and is a must add to any playlist that needs some positive energy.

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