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Dead or Alive

Beanz Valentino is a artist out of Albuquerque, New Mexico that has been a constant in the scene. His name is well known and even been included on stages and events with names such as T.I., E40, Snoop, Baby Bash, MGK, 2Chainz and more. Performing in front of 10,000 or more is nothing to this young man and you can see the seriousness in his eyes when you talk to/with him. He has hip hop in his veins as an artist that started from the young age of 5 years old and being raised literally in the studio as his parents have maintained a well known studio by the name of Southern Royalty Studios.

His latest track is cutthroat, vicious, quick paced and feverish how he attacks the competition. He might even say he doesn't have any competition, hence the name, Dead or Alive. Being top ten dead or alive is embedded in the lyrics and as he states that the flexes his lyrical ability changing his cadence from the ultra fast to the ultra relaxed and all while doing so over a beat that is fitting for his style. He has certainly developed from the ultra young kid to the rapper he is today. His evolution is evident but his talent has been present the entire time. Class is now session and you are invited to hear his latest. Out everywhere on any streaming platform. Click the artist name to find his music on any platform of your choice.


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