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“If we must die, we die defending our rights”

Day Ones Rooted is a movement. A movement for justice, for spreading awareness and moving music and art in a forward direction. Their clothing line is designed with power and a mission. Their entire message is an anti racism sermon. A way to spread truth and open eyes to the world’s injustice.

One of the individuals behind this movement is Phrase Frazier who many should know as a popular battler in the ranks of battle rap. One of UBR’s finest battlers on the roster has a strong message in his battle rap but also his music. With an energy that feels reminiscent of Vinnie Paz, a strong message and beat he presents visuals that are perfectly positioned with the lyrical content. These historical clips that tell the story of oppression and resistance and everything in between with his experience and how it relates to today, and really interrogates how people think of racism and what it is to be a racist. The video is titled “Fxxk Racism” and is a powerful stance against the ignorance of racism and its participants.

Follow the man for more information and his brand on his social media links below.

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