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The mood is right for a good live show. With vaccines in distribution and protocols in place, the people are more than ready for it. The allure of the flashing and blurring lights combined with the rhythm of the music has reached an all time high. Respect The Underground has a reputation of putting on amazing shows with a dynamic array of concepts and artists. This Saturday promises to be another homerun event. RTU, in collaboration with The Cabana Group, piloted by the talented and savvy Fucc Yea, is turning the Monarch Theatre into the prime destination Saturday night with their Beaches N Greens X Maui Hip Hop Fest Challenge. The winner of this event will be flown to Maui to celebrate, and if all of that wasn't enough to get you searching for tickets, the event will be taped live and RTU Worldwide on Roku will be broadcasting it live.

As Saturday approaches, we get closer and closer to Danny Kobayashi hitting the stage and giving the people what they want; a performance worth waiting for. Mr. Kobayashi doesn't take anything lightly when it comes to his music. His entire performance, from the stage movements to the wardrobe to the set list, is meticulously planned out to give the people the best possible performance. Artists like Danny Kobayashi treat their performances like they are just as important, if not more important, than the music itself. This creates a dedicated fanbase, of course. Fans show up and show out for his music and onlookers turn to fans almost as quickly. The energy his performance exudes taps into similar undertones in his music, the lifeforce that seems to drive his passion for creating music lives in his stage presence and delivery. The way the bass drives the emotional root of a song and allows the rest of the instruments to hit their highest highs, Danny Kobayashi does the same with his command of the stage. He casts a firm and reverberating presence that allows the rest of the performance to thrive, at their highest highs.

The Monarch Theater has been good to Danny Kobayashi, having tasted success their before, so while it might not necessarily be a homefield advantage, it probably feels like it to him. He is a dedicated artist that thrives when the stakes are high and has a knack for making lemonade when life hands him lemons. Look at how he has turned heartbreak into triumph with his single "Blue" and that will give you just a small taste of what kind of diamonds this man creates when the pressure is applied. This Saturday should be no different as Danny Kobayashi takes the stage to do his thing, with visions of Maui on the horizon.

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