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Danny Kobayashi Delivers The Dark Vibes On "Blue”

As the weather gets colder, so can our hearts. This year more than any we have a longing for those epic summer days that just didn’t get the chance to happen. Despite that pause in summer fun, the ups and downs of life don’t pause. From fresh romances to break ups, life keeps going. So whether you’re dying for another song to turn up while you’re closing out the summer or you need something to help soothe a wounded heart, Danny Kobayashi’s latest single “Blue” from his AFTERDARK EP is the perfect song to end the summer while leading you into the rest of the year.

With its string-heavy instrumental, laced with a beautifully deep bass line, this track could’ve been written for Post Malone and fit nicely along side the rest of his primarily rock driven catalogue. The lyrics don’t fall flat in the slightest and do their best to match such a powerful musical foundation. Even an artist like The Weeknd, a connoisseur of sexual provocation mixed with self reflection and dark indulgences, would be proud of lines like “she thinks that I’m Latin when I’m Japanese, I can’t hear her talk when she’s on her knees”. The content starts thoroughly dark but with a chorus that says “You said it’s all black and white, then why are we feeling blue?”, it’s easy to see why it’s so unapologetic in its tenebrous approach. Danny Kobayashi cuts through all the bullshit and lets the realities exist.

Now admittedly, that’s some good company to be associated with but the song stands out amongst its sonically compatible peers as well. Danny Kobayashi’s voice is not like anyone else and this elevates the song as it allows his talent to truly stand out. You might hear the perceived influences of current artists but his tonality and cadence help shift that sound to a decidedly unique one that is all his own. Throw in top notch melodies that will not only have you signing along but help drive home such powerfully honest words. Danny Kobayashi has given us a song you'll be blasting in headphones while you’re trying to shake off a heartbreak or playing it loudly on some really nice speakers that help the bass hit just as hard as the lyrics do.

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