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Danny Kobayashi Collabs with View.To.Kill Clothing

At Hanny's in downtown Phoenix, Danny Kobayashi beams with excitement while discussing his latest venture. The mood is right and so is the timing, so while sitting at table having a few drinks with some friends, he spills some details about a collaboration between himself and View.To.Kill clothing, as well as a few other insights and surprises.

Music fans and fashion aficionados alike will be thrilled to know that Danny Kobayashi's collaboration with View.To.Kill clothing will be an exclusive and limited series named after Danny Kobayashi's latest project "Insomnia". The collection will feature five designs that are named after songs on "Insomnia" and promises to be something that lovers of music or fashion can connect with in a meaningful way.

Danny Kobayashi wants fans of his music to look at the designs and see a representation of what his music means to them that just happens to be manifested in a high quality garment. He also wants fashion fiends to be impressed with the style and creative flow of the pieces as well. The brand View.To.Kill produces pieces that speak to the heart of fashion heads that like prefer to go against the grain and live on the side that pushes boundaries while capturing classic fits and styles that can be appreciated by discerning lovers of clothing. Combining Danny Kobayashi’s knack for making dark and impactful music and his eye for fashion with View.To.Kill’s stellar line of designs and impressive products; it‘s a perfect fit.

With a new album releasing on June 26th and a show at the Monarch on May 1st, its going to be a busy year for Danny Kobayashi. As the night started to pick up momentum, we dug deeper into the collab with View.To.Kill, what it was like to film a music video in the middle of a pandemic, as well as details on his new album and his upcoming show on May 1st. Check back next week for the full conversation and get the scoop on what to expect from the eclectically talented Danny Kobayashi. Check out some designs from the Danny Kobayashi & View.To.Kill collaboration below and hit the link to View.To.Kill to grab your own piece from this limited edition run!

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