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Dame Daniels - "There They GO" FEAT. Tone Trump & WIlly Dutch

Trap music is really a whole other level of intense. The latest track from the Underground Uprising “Artist of the Week” Dame Daniels uses a dumb kidz instrumental with synthesized drums and complex hi-hat patterns, tuned kick drums with a long decay with some great atmospheric synths to bring a true trap blueprint to his latest “There They Go” featuring Tone Trump & Willy Dutch.

The song starts with a vocal chant that really sets the tone, no pun intended, for the song. The vibe is infectious right away and the percussions sends the verses off in style with the lead up drumroll. Tone Trump has a cold and smooth delivery here that feels like T.I. and Jadakiss blended together with a touch more from the latter to give a polished but gritty verse on this trap manifesto. With the lyrics giving insight into the world of cocaine, guns, and hustling while the beat gives the song a boost that elevates it from daunting to celebratory.

Dame Daniels comes into the song with a switched up flow and internal rhymes and multiple syllables peppered throughout his verse. “It’s killed or be killed” is the introductory line from Dame and it’s easy to see that he came to kill it. Dame is easily giving some of his best delivery while fitting in well with his co-conspirators on the track. His vocal tonality is confident but his delivery is intentionally defiant, showcasing the determination needed to make it out of the trap and the bravado you achieve after you do so.

Letting the song play out with the synth driven beauty of the instrumental after the well crafted hook plays again is a great way to let the lyrics kind of resonate with you while the sonic vibes created by the music reinforce the context of them. It’s a great way to end a powerful trap song about receiving the respect you deserve when you go out and grind for it. Dame is only getting better and better and this latest song is a good example of what it looks like for rappers to grow but stay connected to their roots.

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