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DaBaby Responds To Upset Fans Regarding His Father's Day Show

One of the biggest artists in Hip Hop today, DaBaby, recently put on a show this past Father's Day in NYC. The show seemed to be like most shows from the artist, lots of fans and a bunch of energy. The catch for this show was that DaBaby kept having issues with his sound cutting out during his performance.

He kept the show going and even had his DJ get into a verbal altercation with the venue's sound manager. Fans started to boo and show their frustration at being given a show that was a let down from what they were expecting. DaBaby posted a video on his Instagram talking about the incident and called his fans in attendance "disrespectful" in the video and added "you bitches oughta be ashamed of yourself" in the caption. Do you think he has a point or should he have done more to apologize and make it right for the fans in attendance?

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