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D. Carter & “To the Top Visuals” are on the rise

For every music artist or band or singer, there comes a time when they need to make a visual statement. That is when they need that cinematic twist, they need a music video. Music videos have transformed from isolated performance recordings to full blown movie productions in the recent years and indie filmmakers and directors have created works that rival or surpass their financially superior competition. We have a company that fits that mold and the man behind it just happens to be the Underground Uprising “Artist of the Week”, D. Carter.

Hold on though, there is more to D. Carter and To the Top Visuals than music videos. Festival and live show recaps are one of their specialties and they really capture the atmosphere of each event with their editing and framing. With tighter shots to capture emotion and wide angles when the action hits, the cinematography is on point with all their recap videos. There’s even more to To the Top Visuals. They can put together demo reels for businesses to showcase new products. They can even create some amazing promo videos to help highlight open house showings, weekend retreats, or bed and breakfasts/hotels. They also have the added touch of amazing event, model, or portrait photography. When we say this company offers a lot, we mean it.

With the internet giving way to the rise of the independent artist we have also seen a rise in independent filmmakers and directors. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s easier to make it in the music video world just because the world has made it easier to make music videos. You need to be able to not only learn your craft but be willing and able to adapt and learn as you go. Our technological advances are too frequent to be able to learn your skill and have that “learning” be relevant to staying competitive a few years down the road and maybe even a few months. You have to have to talent to stand out of the crowd while having the foresight and altitude to keep learning. D. Carter stands out. His vision for his brand has shifted and morphed into a cohesive team of talented and motivated individuals that deliver inspired work with quality results.

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