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Cotes Delivers His Ode To Difficult Love With “Daffodils & Daisies”

Its officially that time of year. Rain and snow are falling, the pumpkin spice flavor options have taken over and everyone wants a bae. It’s cuffing season. That means you either have someone you cuddle up to, have someone you would like to cuddle up to or have someone you miss cuddling up to. That last one is definitely the hardest to deal with and none of us are immune to that heartbreak. Music helps soothe the soul, to heal fresh and old wounds alike. Cotes has given us an anthem for the lovelorn with “Daffodils & Daisies”.

When you think of Hip Hop and love songs you don’t have as many classics on the subject as R&B or Rock or Country. It‘s easy to understand why with Hip Hop evolving from a place where being vulnerable wasn’t always accepted or even safe. You can’t express true deep feelings of love without being vulnerable. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak. Sometimes opening up allows you to reclaim the strength you lost when you were broken or damaged. If you need a song that will allow you to dive deep into the pain and come back up to the surface with a stronger resolve and more confidence in yourself, listen to “Daffodils & Daisies“.

The instrumental could play by itself in your favorite coffee shop and it’s easy to get into the vibe that Cotes delivers. By letting the music resonate before the hook comes in, Cotes takes you out into a sea of feelings before the journey really gets going. The lyrics could stand up next to the best songwriters or poets. John Lennon or T. S. Eliot would love the immense depth that comes from words that have such universal accessibility. “I don‘t know what about you, maybe it’s your mental, you’re the only woman who can get me sentimental”. That’s very easy to identify with but it can tap into a deeper meaning for each of us. What does sentimental mean to you? The “mental” is subjective. We all identify with it but can create our own narrative with the template. That’s great songwriting. The Beatles made a great career out of crafting music that connected to the core of love and what it could mean to all of us. Cotes has done the same thing here. The hook is easily the most infectious part of the song, another sign of great songwriting. You’ll also find yourself signing it long after you’ve played the song a few times on repeat. If you need something to commiserate with on your rainy days this is a song for you. If you need a statement to yourself that heartbreak can be beautiful and that you can come back from it stronger than before then this song is especially for you.

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