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Corleone Clothing: A New Streetwear Brand

When you think streetwear you definitely think of brands like Supreme, Champion, Bape, maybe even Fubu and Ecko. The ties between fashion and hip-hop have always been strong. From Adidas and Kangol hats to Fubu Jerseys and Yeezy shoes, it’s a symbiotic relationship at times that sees the two influencing each other. Back when Hip Hop was breaking through into the mainstream for the first time the world was very different. Social media has made it possible these days for everybody to put their ideas out into the world and work their hustle until they break through.

There have been many talented artists and entrepreneurs that have made their mark on streetwear fashion. There are also countless brands that are vying for your attention and trying to become the next name in streetwear. One of those brands that shows promise is Corleone Clothing. When you think of the name Corleone you think of the blend of luxury and grit. The name lends itself to a thought process connected to a strong mentality that is ever vigilant but appreciates the beauty in life. Shawn Gonzalez, the founder and designer Corleone Clothing, knows that he has set the bar high with the name of his brand. Looking at his apparel and it’s easy to see that he’s on track to live up to that name. Hailing from Ohio but born and raised in Virginia, Shawn is all in when it comes to his designs and how to make Corleone Clothing perfect for fans of streetwear. He has spent countless hours, countless nights conceptualizing and designing. His inspirations are abundant and include Supreme, Bobby Hundreds, Yeezy, and many other brands and entrepreneurs that have helped define streetwear over the past two decades. He is a true fan and student of streetwear. His designs are original but would fit in nicely next to brands like Supreme & Champion. The clothes look clean without making you feel uptight. They are comfortable without being homely. These are clothes you can wear to the park, on a date, to school. Wherever the streets take you, this is a brand you can see yourself being comfortable and classy in. Life is all about balance and Shawn Gonzalez has found his. This 25 year old entrepreneur is someone to look out for in the coming years as his brand is young and the sky is the limit for such a hungry and talented entrepreneur.

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