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Corey Southwest (AKA Corey S.) Drops "Nada" & brand new project, Gehenna!!!

Q: Tell us about what is new for Corey S. and what you have coming up

A: Hi, most recently I released a video for my song NADA. My best video to date hitting 25k views in the first week. Im following that up with a video for my second single LETHAL. 

PRESS PLAY - NADA by Corey SouthWest

Q: So you released two videos/ singles. Do you have a project on the way?

A:Yes, I have project called GEHENNA being released in mid June.

Q:GEHENNA? What does that mean?

A:Gehenna is a place in the bible where people sacrificed children to a false god.

Q:Whoa!? Ok... So how does this tie in with you?

A:Well, I feel like I've sacrificed my youth chasing a dream for false happiness.

RIP, before TRAPHOUSE passed he gave me some advice while he was going through all he was going through. Took time out his day to listen to an EP I put out (1415) without me asking. That's rare in Arizona. Its all competition. Anyhow, he told me keep going, put pressure on the music. Never let them forget it....I still have the message in my dm. Shit hit different knowing he spent his life chasing and finally started making waves that moved the world. Then that's it. Messed up my head. Started thinking I was wasting my time and every other doubt started to surface. I guess the thought of mortality and time hit me for the first time. Fortunately, I was able to turn that into a muse and create a project from that.

(Corey mentioned his convo with the late Tikey Patterson was via text. below are the attached images. Traphouse would show his support by action to a large amount of acts in the scene. He would reach out to encourage them to keep pushing. See screenshots above)

Q: Wow, RIP Traphouse. So what is Gehenna about?

A:It details my journey in music and how it progressed and regressed my life. It allows the listener to get into my head. To understand how much doubt, confidence, fear, excitement and uncertainty I have on a regular basis. The appreciation of the small important victories and devastation of the even smaller less important losses. Its a story of hope and despair. The songs tell a story individually but the project as a whole resonates within the mind of the listener. It enables them to walk the path of a working artist.

Q: Thank you for that dive into your work. What are your expectations for Gehenna?

A: I want it to be heard and appreciated. I spent nearly a year making this project. I hope what I put into it is returned. The whole karma vibe. Seriously though, I want people to enjoy it. I hope it creates a standard of quality for my current listeners and new listeners as well. I want people to walk away from it saying, "Wow, Corey went crazy on this. What is he doing next?" I also hope it sheds light on the people who worked alongside me in creating.

Q: Anyone we may know?

A: Most likely, yall know everyone.

Q:(jokingly) There's way too many rappers to keep up! But we try.

A: Bet, well I didn't have any features but my sister. 

Q:Your sister!? No features? Why?

A:well my sister was in the studio with me and she had and idea and we went with it.

No features, because im a loner and it works for me. I cant with the fake daps and love.

Q: I hear that, well who else did you work with?

A: As far as beat production..MixedbyAO, Chris Massiv, Jrobeatz, Jack London, ForeignMadeIt, and Ninozonabeatz. All  hella dope at making unique sounds. All from Az except foreign

Q:Ok thats Dope! Az everything.

A: Pretty much. Also Executive production is by Willie Hall. Him and I have a synergy in the studio that makes the sessions flow.

I think that was very important for the sound of Gehenna.

Q : What would you say is the sound of Gehenna? 

A: Dark and heavy. There are some lighter records. But mostly dark bangers(pause).

Q: How many tracks?

A:13, full body of work.

Q:It all sounds Great! We are looking forward to Gehenna and Im sure your listeners are as well. It was great speaking with you. 

A: My pleasure, Oy

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