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Ckorey Blunt - "Michael Jordan" ft. Trinidad Cardona

An exuberant sportscaster exclaims "He did it again!", and now you're hooked. The crowd erupting in the background acts as a hype man for your own expectations while the name of the legend, Michael Jordan, acts as red carpet that leads into the song. A great intro to a song can be extremely effective. CKorey Blunt seems to know this all too well and offers up a truly captivating way to introduce his latest song "Michael Jordan" ft. Trinidad Cardona. Before any instrument is heard, you find yourself enthralled and ready to see what kind of greatness awaits.

The instrumental needs to be talked about right away because this is by far one of the most infectious pieces of music you will hear this year. The sounds give you a Murder on the Beat vibe while layered vocals act as ambient waves that help bridge the path of music and vocals while adding depth to the song. This leads us right into the next obvious highlight, the production. A song with this kind of name would need high end production to stand above the rest. Once the drums kick in, you get the full impact and you're instantly grooving to the song.

CKorey Blunt does not fit into a box and his delivery on this track proves that in a big way. His infectious hook is enough to impress but the verse he gives us is equally impressive. His vocals are like an MJ drive to the hoop, smooth and methodical and then it ramps up at the end for a more emphatic end to the line. This slow down and speed up approach really gives the song a bounce that coincides well with the instrumental. His MJ references in the hook showcases his clever writing skills. Referencing all-time greats like Lil Wayne and Bruce Lee only adds weight to the theme of legendary confidence. When he sings "know that I'm gonna win", his delivery and cadence reach their pinnacle and the way he sings it, makes you believe it.

Trinidad Cardona is an artist on the rise and takes a similar approach as CKorey Blunt by giving us something outside of his usual sound to show that he is more diverse than most people know. Like watching Michael Jordan take over a game and he made it look easy, Cardona's entire verse is clutch but feels so effortless. "I did it again" is the motto throughout the track and Cardona does a great job of incorporating that rhyme scheme into his delicately delivered verse, elevating his bars from merely sounding fantastic to adding another layer of depth to this braggadocios banger.

You need confidence to pull off this kind of maneuver. CKorey Blunt and Trinidad Cardona have never sounded so confident. Naming your song after the GOAT of basketball, maybe of all major athletics, is a bold statement that needs to be backed up with swagger and execution. From the jump this song pulls you in. That swagger? Oh yeah, it is definitely there.

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