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Boise, Idaho and the Growing Hip Hop Scene

Hip hop is an international movement. A culture that knows no limits and one that is celebrated and participated in every corner of the globe. The most interesting aspect to hip hop music is determining where the sound originates from. The United States has clearly defined regions of music, the East Coast has often been associated with bar heavy and complex word play as well as a traditional boom bap, breakbeat, golden era sound. The south has often been associated with gritty street lyrics and a heavy focus on sound/production rather than complex lyrical schemes. Slang, lingo and fashion trends have often originated here and been spread across the country. The Midwest typically focuses on more of a certain type of production that facilitates quicker delivery and a quick and rhythmic cadence on all of the tracks. The West Coast has always been more of a party vibe and has long been associated with DJ culture and electronic music or synth sounds. What traditional maps of the hip hop cultural landscape ignore are the other regions that are developing. There are the far northeastern sounds such as the hip hop community in Minnesota, there is the southwest sound that encompasses west Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona, and then there is the great Northwest. These regions all have their own sounds, styles, and delivery. 

The Northwest has a unique sound that one such artist clearly epitomizes. His name is D-Rock and has a style that has a good rhythm, bars that are solid but not overly complex, wordplay that is modern but also works well with the Northwest sound. The northwest has long been associated with the underground scene and because of this the sound from this area is less concerned with radio friendly sounds and more of that gritty energy that makes the lyrics and sound more visceral and tough.

D-Rock comes from Boise, Idaho and with the culture and hip hop scene growing there you can expect to hear D-Rock’s name anytime the region and city is mentioned!

Catch his latest track “Too Easy” on his Spotify profile and available on all streaming platforms!


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