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BNasty Impresses With HIs Debut Album "One Way To Go"

If you find yourself in a summertime lull with your playlists or maybe you're "that" kind of music super fan who always needs something new to put in rotation or even if you're the music liaison to your friends and need something impressive to recommend, then we found something you are gonna want to listen to. The debut album from Arizona artist BNasty, titled One Way To Go, should be on your radar if you fit into any of the aforementioned scenarios, or even if you just like good music.

The album is full of the energy and determination that you would want from a young and hungry hip hop artist with songs like Eerie, the first single off the album, which delivers on bars and confidence alike. The most impressive aspect of BNasty is his flow sounds so much more polished that you would expect. Tracks like "Watch Yo Step" & "Super Soldier" really play well next to tracks from big name artists like Migos or Lil Baby due to the confidence BNasty brings to the mic. The most underrated aspect of his talent is showcased on songs like "Pressure" & "Show Me Love 2" where BNasty utilizes his soulful and catchy cadences to propel the tracks from being just well written to genuine standouts on the album.

BNasty brings so many different levels of himself on this album and you typically wouldn't expect a debut album to try and accomplish this. But of course, BNasty is not your typical artist as he proves time and again on this project. From the first track, with its "Gangs of New York" intro, to the last track and its ode to self improvement, this album gives you the dark and the light, and some great greys in the middle. Superb production helps the tracks stand on their own merits and does what superb production is supposed to do, allow the listener to feel like its just them and the artist.

The debut album is always a gamble for any artist. The world is getting their first "official" project and the artist needs to be able to get across who they are while captivating an audience that typically knows little if anything about them. If the artist is lucky they will be able to impress enough that skeptics become fans and fans become fanatics. BNasty crafted a debut album with potential to do those things while also offering the promise of more to come.

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