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Big Doobie Demonstrates His Lyrical Ability on "SNappin"

For everyone that flocks to Hip Hop music because of the lyrics then you need to look no further than Big Doobie. This Detroit to Phoenix artist released his "From the D to AZ" mixtape, hosted by the one and only Sauce Walka, and we needed to spotlight our favorite track so you can get a sample of the talent and skills he possesses.

The instrumental draws you in while distant layered vocals invite you further until the drums hit and Big Doobie's infectious chorus takes off. This gets you invested right away as you can't help but move to the beat and his cold delivery. His flow reminds you of the grittiest days of Hip Hop, before it took over as the most beloved genre in the world. There is confidence that has to stem from real life experiences and inspirations because the conviction in his delivery is what sells it the most. The flows switch throughout to the point where you start to anticipate it. Of course Big Doobie matches and exceeds what you might be anticipating. From the first line, "I have no competition, there is no opposition", the bars elevate to more internalized and complicated rhyme schemes as the songs plays and it leaves you wanting more.

If you have Sauce Walka hosting your project its bound to sound great. There is also some expectation that starts to swell up as well. It's not easy to meet people's expectations when it comes to anything in life, especially music, however, in just one song Big Doobie surpasses that expectation. Big Doobie is what a lot of people call a "rappers" rapper. This means his lyrical ability is basically on an elevated level compared to most other artists. This isn't to discredit anyone else, it's actually a compliment to have an artist like Big Doobie setting the bar so high. With high production value, a driving instrumental, catchy hook and lyrics delivered with such emphasis you can feel yourself vibing to the cadence alone, "Snappin" is a complete hit that demands more than a few replays.

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