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Big Boi & Kid Cudi Set To Star In "Creepshow" TV Series

The talents of Big Boi and Kid Cudi will be taken from the air waves to the small screen. The highly revered horror franchise will feature the two rappers in the upcoming reboot of Creepshow. Big Boi will be flexing his acting skills in an episode titled "The Man in the Suitcase".

Big Boi & Kid Cudi will star in "Creepshow" later this year

The episode has some heavy hitters creating it with writing duties assigned to Christopher Buehlman and the direction being handled by Dave Bruckner. The episode in which Kid Cudi will grace the screen is titled "Bad Wolf Down" and was written and directed by Rob Schrab. The new series will debut on Shudder, a horror streaming service akin to Netflix, later this year. With the showrunner being Greg Nicotero, director and producer of The Walking Dead, its safe to say this one could be the next AHS.

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