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Benji Reckless

The pandemic has effected so many aspects of culture throughout the year of 2020 and one thing that has persisted is battle rap. There were leagues that were prepared to move the culture along even no matter the obstacle. These leagues have provided for entertainment, an escape and a welcomed return to some kind of normality.

One such league that proved to not let a pandemic slow them down is IBattleTV. This league has put on much needed events. Shout out to Lexx for putting together great cards and for keeping things moving!

The particular battle that is highlighted is from Benji Reckless vs Blackademikz in a one round match. Benji is known for his voice, height, aggressive bars, and carefully constructed references that blend well into bars. The James Rhodes/Tony Stark Warmachine bar is ridiculously dope. Blackademikz has a 2-1 bar that is so well timed, written and executed that is was a haymaker. The battle is a great match but the one round aspect left me wanting to hear rebuttals and just generally wanting to see more from the two of them. Battle was tough to call. We will leave that to you! Drop a comment on who you think won. Make sure you like, comment, share and subscribe and support the whole IBattleTV league!

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