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“Clean Plates Don’t Lie”

People tend to generalize a region, and New Mexico is prone to being thought of as a one trick pony, a place that Breaking Bad made famous. Those kinds of things and ideas make citizens of the Zia State cringe. There is so much more culture than what people are exposed to. This region is not a Lil Rob and Walter White mecca. Granted they are popular here it has never truly been the focus of the locals. The state has a pool of talent that is unheard of and breaking new ground daily. The music industry will turn a blind eye to this region no longer. This is the call to action for the music scene. A challenge so to speak, for fans of New Mexico to step up and stand behind their artist friends and family and bring them to the table and conversation of who is truly worth listening to and watching rise.

The track is “B.L.T.” or Booty Like That and has had a solid marketing impact through photos and images of BLT’s from friends and family. The two artists involved enjoy a general support that most artists could only dream of. Kat Alina and AO Mxna Lxsa bring the track to life with vocals and lyricism that is unmatched and Joseph Sierra brings the visuals to life with his incredible film work!

If you are unfamiliar with either of their work, slap yourself. Then get educated. Kat Alina otherwise known as Joe Bz/BZ Joe, or Joe Beezus is an all around phenom. He is an integral part of battle rap culture in the State of New Mexico as staff of Universal Battle Realm, a hip hop composer, a sound engineer, a singer, a song writer, a lyricist, a music fan that is hard to match with an in depth knowledge of a wide variety of genres and a deep appreciation for the arts. AO Mxna Lxsa is one part of Mxna Lxsa and has the voice that is soon to change music history for New Mexico. He has the ability to draw fans to shows like no other in the State and is a constant student of his craft making him not only one of the hardest working emcees/singers but also a well rounded musical contribution to the region. His attention to detail is hard to beat, while others are happy with good, he is only happy with excellent and both his and Kat Alina’s work on this track make that apparent.

You can catch the video here and around many social media accounts of the southwest’s most well known artists and fans. You can also follow them on all platforms by clicking their respective names below.

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