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AZ HIP HOP FEST ANNOUNCES Exclusive Live Fest 12.12.2020 NOW BOOKING

The Mayor of the Underground made a what seemed to be sudden annoucement yesterday regarding the 7Th Annual @AZ Hip Hop Festival. Social Distancing Edition. He explains everything we will need to know if the video below, so press play.

Here is what you need to know !

  1. They are #NOWBOOKING Performers, If your itching to perform live, Call 602-413-7236 and speak to the Mayor himself.

  2. THE SLOTS ARE FREE !!!!!! What ? After all these years of slander and shade the slots are free and there are zero ticket sales required by the artist.

  3. Heres the catch - The "Free" slot comes with the purchase of a promotional package available via RTU. The packages include but aren't limited too, Live Radio interviews, Blog write up, Radio Rotation for 1 year and social media promotion. (This is a real PR PUSH)

  4. LIMITED - Exclusive tables and seating is available on a first come first serve basis

  5. This will be filmed before a live in studio audience.

  6. Aired / Live Stream - Saturday Dec 12th Exclusively on

  7. Masks are required to attend. (Best Mask Contest for cash and prizes !!!!)

  8. 3 Stages / 16 Bar Challenge and a Producer Showcase

  9. Full kitchen, table services comes with every table. (Menu is fire)

  10. THE SHOW MUST GO ON !!!!!!!

Here is the link for the tickets. They will be live 12.21.2020


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