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Rapper, song writer, record producer, poet, and actor Joyner Lucas finally drops his ADHD album. After a long awaited release date. This album has brought me to a place that I haven’t been in a long time. Considering the mental health issues of today’s generation. Listening to this album brought me not only to a place of not feeling along but knowing the severity of how important mental health is.

G-Storm as of 2007 and Future Joyner as of 2011 has mad a huge impact on not only his lyrical abilities but his visuals on those lyrics that bring so many into a conversation most hate to hate these days. After his 2015 “Along Came Joyner” was released and had a critically acclaimed single “ Ross Capicchioni” and being featured in the 2015 BET Hip Hop Cypher Joyner was noticed and made huge headlines in his entrance to Hip Hop culture.

Atlantic records signing Joyner in September of 2016 was a big deal giving him the platform to release his “508-507-2209” album in June of 2017. Which charted #7 on billboard with singles like I’m sorry, ultrasound, Just like you, and Winter Blues. He made notice to his lyrical ability and visuals to start a controversial stance on race, society, and issues today that made viral yet vital impacts on Hip Hop in today’s generation. Which landed Joyner to be nominated for a Grammy for best video.

After features on “ rap god” Eminem’s album KAMIKAZE which also hit the billboard hot 100.

Joyner also released the single “I LOVE” in October 2018 which was one of many that anticipated fans to his newly released album ADHD. If you haven’t heard it take a listen then in not only the relation of insecurity, but the fact that he’s admiring the health issue a lot of ppl face today. Acknowledge that your friend, brother or sister, mother or even you may have. Issue that your not alone in. We all have bad days and have bad thoughts were human and it’s ok to not always be ok. Not all thoughts are good or peaceful but what matters most is how you handle those issues and thoughts. Joyner I respect the wait and anticipation this album has brought me personally a peace I haven’t got and I thank you.


This is a hotline all people can use as a outlet even if it’s not you directly. Paying attention and having a voice saves lives and I think we need that more hen ever in Hip Hop today. Don’t place judgment just because you don’t agree or understand. Just remember we can all learn from one another and not all glitter comes with gold.

Bringing you the hype and trusting my own process as well as yours I am LenorMunster

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