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Arkitek's Latest Single "Taco Man" is taking off

Arizona artist and entrepreneur Arkitek is cut from a different cloth. With an ambitious drive and multi-layered skill set, his latest single, “Taco Man”, debuted on the Southwest Alliance DJ Conference Call and has been receiving copious amounts of love since. Currently in rotation on iKON Radio, it has been heating up the airwaves in and out of AZ. So what makes Arkitek's latest drop such a gem? "Let's Taco Bout It"

Beautiful production allows Arkitek to do his thing with the utmost swagger. Everything is clean and layered to perfection. An affable but hard hitting beat builds a solid foundation for the lyrics that follow suit. With the two solid efforts of instrumental and production, no one can avoid wanting to move to this. The icing on the cake, or the lime on the taco in this case, is the music video. With a documentary vibe to kick it off, you buy in before you even see the product. Backstory abounds, adding depth to the video and song itself.

Let’s break down the content and delivery next, because this song has some impeccable lyrical construction. The story telling is smooth and concise. You get the full picture of a brand being built from start to finish without egocentric fluff. Lines like “Went from drug dealing to tortilla flipping” and "Buy 30 pounds of meat and turn it into a band" highlight the hustle with candor and wit.

Bringing heat with his bars and the red sauce he whips up; this is a track that triggers your taste buds with the lyrics while the musical vibes get your feet moving. The song hits like a whimsical deviation from more acute issues yet it carries a perplexing profundity, sharing parallels with the almighty taco. The taco attacks the senses with a dessert-like appeal yet hits the spot in a way that no other food can accomplish. Fun loving and meaningful. It’s as if the taco is hiding a deeper relevance behind its sprightly allure.

Arkitek takes that same proclivity for combining revelry and reverence, delivering an addicting song that appeals to a universal truth; wanting to have a good time while leaving a worthwhile impact behind. This is a celebration of the grind and the glory that comes from it.

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