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Arizona’s Best Rep! The Desert Baby

Arizona’s rap scene has been growing with people from all over the valley. But there’s been one who reps Arizona harder then anyone. That’s our very own The Desert Baby.

Born in the streets of the East Side of Phoenix in 1992. With parents from two different sides and two different ethnicities. Making The Desert Baby our perfect cocktail of real. His father is black descending from the South Side of Phoenix. While his mother “GOLDIE” who he speaks about a lot threw out his music. Is Mexican and from the East Side, Garfield block. Anyone over the age of 25 born here in the valley in the early 90’s. Knows these streets have its own gang history. Born in the dead center of Arizona’s biggest Gang Era. The Desert Baby is the 5th child of his mother. With brothers locked up. As well as paying his own dues in the prison system. He’s making his name a bigger deal then a rep sheet of the streets.

Releasing his third project of 2020 “Arizona Gang Stories” along with “Lost Files” and “Lost Files 2” were barley in February. With songs like Mi Amigo, Confessions, and Arizona Hurtin Me you will hear the true pain and struggle that motivates The Desert Baby to turn his story into a winning story line. We see the dedication he puts into his work and music. Speaking with him directly he says “this isn’t a job it’s a lifestyle.” Performing back in the end of 2019 The Desert Baby blessed the stage at the infamous RTU hip hop festival.

Working with who he calls his “cousin, best friend, brother and right hand” Rick Tayy (@rick_dbg_tayy :IG) he’s built his following organically. Both born in Az but from different blocks repping East Side Bloods. Rick Tayy’s father is a big name from the Maryvale area going by “Big Smurph” Rick Tayy is younger then TDB but looks up to him after having a friendship and brother hood of 20 years.

We again see this perfect mix of both worlds that make The Desert Baby a Perfect Arizona Rep.  Starting his own Desert Baby Records. With influencers like lil boosie, we can look forward to hearing much more from TDB as he tells me there will also be a music video for every song on his “Arizona Gang Stories” project. Find his music on all music play forms Follow him on IG @the_desert_baby DesertBabyRecords on FB Or on his own site Coming to you again trusting the process LENORMUNSTER

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