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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

This global pandemic has really hit everyone. This is one of those rare cases where you can't avoid the issue. We are living through an era of self isolation and there seems to be no definitive end to it all. Some reports say we could get things rolling in May while others having last into 2021. Only essential business, deemed essential by the government, have been allowed to stay open. That move does a lot to curtail the spread of the coronavirus but does little to squelch the fears of those either without work and stuck in isolation or those that are part of the "essential" bracket and get to keep working but open themselves up to a higher probability of catching the virus in the process. Then there can be those lost in the mix like stay at home parents who now have to become full time teachers while maintaining their household and being the pillar of strength for their children in very turbulent and uncertain times. There are also the entrepreneurs and artists that relied on community events, art and music festivals, live shows and a myriad of other socially engaging endeavors to connect with their fans and attempt to provide a living for themselves in the process.

While we do need to take this pandemic seriously and self isolate to help to the spread of the virus, there are those that want to dismiss the arts in these trying times as non-essential. While they might not be essential to living life, they are essential to making life worth living. Arizona Hip Hop, an underdog culture full of talent, is no stranger to having their backs against the wall. This is undoubtedly a situation that no one has ever had to tackle before but there are those in the Arizona Hip Hop community that have refused to let this crisis get in the way of sharing their message, of connecting with fans, of giving the world somethings to be inspired by.

The Quarantine Chronicles from Justus at Respect The Underground and DJ John Blaze from IKON Radio was proof that things can be entertaining through the craziness. This return to the airwaves also brings opportunities for artists to be interviewed and give their fans updates, gain more fans by sharing their story and most importantly be able to keep pushing their art out into the world in a time where those resources are extremely limited. Respect The Underground is even launching a virtual concert series that will give fans a chance to get their live music fix while giving indie artists that much needed stage to perform on that no one can seem to provide right now.

Hippy Chronicles launched their Quarantine Chronicles as well, no relation to the aforementioned Quarantine Chronicles from RTU & IKON, bringing together many entrepreneurs and artists for nightly Zoom meetings that they have shared with the rest of us. This is a great idea and does a lot towards not only keeping these driven individuals on task with a chance to share themselves with the world but also to build an even stronger network of supporters and potential collaborators. We are very excited to see who pops up and what gets discussed in their upcoming sessions.

These are only two of the many artists and entrepreneurs that refused to let this crisis cull their creativity. If you know of any artists, entrepreneurs, or influencers that are doing something to stay connected in this era of self isolation then let us know, we would love to share their story.

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