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Are you ready for MRS. PETTY?

After giving birth to her first child last month which has been revealed as a baby boy, fans are sitting on her the last statement made. That Nicki was retiring from rap to focus on her child and new husband. The queen of Barbs is setting the rumors straight and gearing up fire as fans anticipate the rumors of a comeback. She will indeed be making a come back with a feature on the popular single by Sada Baby “whole lotta Choppas.” Fans can’t wait to here the sound of a motherly Nicki. Nicki made the announcement herself today on Instagram with the cover art of the single also stating the drop will be tonight at midnight.

The single it self has made huge noise on many platforms. One being the Sada Baby dance challenge on TikTok. Which currently has 6.9 million videos made using the original single “whole lotta Choppas.” The dance heavy hit also made #4 on the billboard top triller chart. Right behind Megan Thee Stallion being at the number one spot.

The Detroit native Sada Baby made his name big back in 2018 when he dropped the single “BLOXK PARTY” featuring popular Detroit native DREGO. With a musical influence that’s started with CASH MONEY. As he got older and music became popular in the south his influences became some of the charts top artists like lil John, Chingy, E-40, Gucci, and Jezzy. With the popular sound he’s already brought to the rap scene and Nicki’s infamous throw it back flows I’m excited to hear this track be her entrance back. Myself and RTU welcome you back home to now your second family and home....HIPHOP!!

Make sure your tuning in midnight tonight for the “Whole Lotta Choppas” remix.

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