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AO Murda hails from Yuma, AZ. A proud native of the desert with an avid dedication to push himself to learn and grow as an artist and businessman. He is articulate with a confidence that can accomplish seemingly impossible feats while simultaneously allowing himself to be genuinely humble and appreciative of any achievement. His latest single “That’s That”, from his upcoming project of the same name, needs to be discussed. Hey guys, AO Murda is here to stay.

The beat has a real Arizona vibe, with a cold build that develops into real heat like a cold desert night giving way to a blazing hot day. AO Murda comes in with his "Kutty" energy that you can’t replicate, it's exciting but controlled, intimidating but infectious. Switching up his flow multiple times throughout the song with internal rhyme schemes cascading together to create a kaleidoscope of story and skillset. The man makes a Reggie Bush reference that no one has made, and it’s delivered so effortlessly that you can’t help but want to hit rewind. With lyrics like “couple bottles of the henny and the kush, only smoke loud – I don’t want that Reggie Bush”, AO Murda proves his wit can rival some of the best that AZ has to offer.

AO Murda is a true songwriter that has developed his natural talents into an arsenal of Hip Hop weaponry and uses it to create an insanely catchy hook with a replay value higher than the comparable temperature of Arizona in the middle of summer. Let us not forget to mention the premium production. It is of superb quality and hides behind its accomplishments like the best production seems to do, allowing the artist to shine as much as possible without signaling how big of an impact that had and taking the attention away from the song; it is a tricky balance that sets production of this quality apart from so many others.

AO Murda started crafting his music back in the mid-2000’s when he had to make due with egg cartons tacked to the walls to help soundproof his recording area. Now his impact has grown to be mentioned right next to heavy hitting Arizona artists like Joseph Bills, Murkemz, and A-Dub (a fellow Yuma artist), his reach has grown from the states to countries around the world like France and Spain, a big accomplishment for an artist that had to rent out the venue and produce his first show entirely by himself because the resources in his small town were simply not there. His success and fanbase has been earned and is well deserved, and AO Murda is definitely grateful for his impact. This song is a love letter to the people and places that helped him grow while being a statement that AO Murda is going to keep making an impact for a long time to come.

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