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Adiel Mitchell, Mandy Groves, & Shinu - Lil Nas X Cover “C7osure”

This weekend, Mandy Groves, Shinu, and Adiel Mitchell released their cover of “C7osure” from Lil Nas X’s hit debut album, ‘7’. Produced by the elusive and reserved Shinu (@shinubae on IG), the song is a groovy R&B rendition of Lil Nas X’s original indie-rock take. Mandy and Adiel weave their distinctive, labyrinthine vocals through Shinu’s stylistic production and the result is a major VIBE.

If you've followed Adiel Mitchell at all, then you know he spent the last few years completely focused on recording and touring his stage show. In 2018 he made his official debut with About Last Night, and followed it up with Jungle at the top of 2019. The creative process of piecing together a music project was a major departure from the randomness of weekly YouTube content creation, but Adiel is ready for his return to the platform. His most recent hit, “All The Way (Lounge Remix)”, is available to stream an download everywhere.

Back in May, Mandy Groves released the soulful BLAME EP, a 5 track love song to the lessons learned in the loss of relationships. Also produced by Shinu, the dreamy blend of Pop and R&B showed us how liberating it is to really step into self-accountability.

Click above to watch the cheeky Animoji video for the song and click below to stream the song on SoundCloud!

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