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A to Z with Juice

Juice is a 22 yr old originally from LOS ANGLES. Who moved to E. Charlotte with his mother who works with the Hornets! He was always musically influenced with the balance of the west and east coast sound. Known in his area for his freestyles. He gained the name JUICE as people gravitated to him and his flows as he attended NC Central University. He’s been making music since for the past 3 years and just released his last project “Soul Searching” on Apple in December 2019.

He had contemplated this sticker plan for advertisement and promo. Originally planned to work at FEDEX but saying they had way too much security (as he laughs). He got a higher paying job and a opportunity to start slapping stickers on boxes to make noise in his city, while hoping to get posted on SayCheese. Not knowing after posting a video via Instagram it would make more noise then anticipated.

Now with reposts on several platforms as well as SayCheese he’s gained a couple hundred followers and some noise in his city as planned. With a west coast sound & east coast influence I completely enjoyed the raw, realness of his content and sound. He says he just wants to make sure he takes the realness from both sides and apply it while telling a real life story. We finished this interview with him saying this, “I didn’t do this just, for one time. I plan on staying around. This is a marathon not a sprint”.

Hear the full project from Juice “Soul Searching” on Apple Music under Juicedakiddd. Follow him on Instagram @always_beenjuiced.

Live and direct So.Ci

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