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A Look Who’s Vending At The Arizona Hip Hop Festival This Year

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

With only 14 days until the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival everyone is getting excited about the artists performing and wondering what else will be on display when the biggest Hip Hop event in Arizona commences for the sixth year in a row. One of the best aspects of any festival are all the different vendors who pop up shop and offer festival fans to purchase some amazing merch, try out a new product or service, or just simply get to know the different small businesses and their owners a little better. If you were curious about who might be vending then have no fear because we are here to give you some info and help guide you through the vendors this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

Many people love checking out the vendor booths for some new product or service. If you are one of those kind of festival fans then you’re covered this year with vendors like Beautified Tooth Gems or Oya Sunshine with her affinity for natural haircare. For the lovers of all things cannabis related you will dig Just Blaze, a Phoenix favorite. There will also be Ziggiez LLC and their much talked about cones. You will also have Spliffers and their buzz worthy wraps as well as CBD experts My Daily Choice. If you need some new MJ gear then check out Nug Jewelz, a company making jewelry from recycled hemp or Mary Jane SmokeWear, brand that has been outfitting lovers of ganja since 2009.

If you were hoping to find some new attire to help bring some life to your wardrobe then you will be happy with brands like 2Lit Clothing, Arcane Studios, Hustle Bunny, Bad Hombre Streetwear and CRNRSTRE. There will be LA based clothing brand Midnight Habits. AZ Bonafide Apparel, Arizona’s first hip hop clothing store that caters to independent artist wanting to sell their brand in a brick and mortar store, will be there as well. You will be able to help out children in need in Kenya if you purchase an item from Ceiphers Clothing. Baysik Clothing MMXVI & Filthy Cloth & Co. will be showcasing their popular brands as well.

Artist booths are always a great way to get some merch from a new favorite or meet an artist in person. There will be some great booths from artists that are performing this year like the ever popular booth of Mega Ran and the fledgling clothing of Dange Dizzy. Throw in Th3 N9n3, Elixer, and Pyro AZMB and can be certain that the artist booths will be on point this year. Rounding out the vendor rundown is Trill, your neighborhood Hip Hop shop. Don’t forget to check out Fifth Finger Studio, a tattoo and art gallery. There will also be The More Life Podcast for the talk radio lovers and The Arizona Cactus Football League for the athletes out there.

With a list of vendors that seems to have something for everyone its going to be a great festival weekend for all those that choose to stop by and check out what they have to offer at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

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