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A FIGHT FOR BLOOD: Wilder Vs. Fury

As a highly anticipated rematch after the stand down at the ring Dec. 1, 2018. The Wilder Vs. Fury’s first match ended with Wilder landing a hard right hand-left hook combo in the 12 round. Sending fury to the mat and winning the fight as he WBC heavyweight champion.

Walking into the Grand Garden February 2020 in Las Vegas, NV. Tyson “gypsy king” Fury walks out being carried by a group of women as a king on the thrown. As majority of the crowd chanted with Crazy by: Patsy Cline playing in the back ground. Fury comes in ready to fight. Wilder making enters second accompanied with rapper D-Smoke spitting the poetic rhymes of one of my favorites off his new album “black habits” by his side. The Bronze Bomber made his grand entrance wearing a red eyed black studded skull and crown like the Darth Vader of boxing. The crowd boo’d as his name was announced. Wilder emerging the ring as champ with 42 wins with 1 draw and 41 being of Knock outs. Fury as undefeated champ 29 wins 1 draw and 20 knock outs he quickly turned that into 30 winning the fight by technical knock out. With a champ vs champ fight Fury Knocked wilder down in the 3rd and 5th round as he stumbled the ring Fury obliterated Wilder. Leaving him with blood dripping from his mouth and ear. Fury makes a statement in the 6th round with wilder against the ropes. By leaning over and licking the blood off the bloody shoulder of wilder .

Soon after Wilder’s corner calls the fight, Wilder walking away with a ruptured ear drum. The Gypsy King becomes the New WBC champion of the world with a closing statement of “the king has returned to the top of the thrown” Will there be a tie breaker rematch? Will there be more statements on how wilder fought a different fight? We will see! As boxing lovers were highly disappointed in this fight we definitely enjoyed the recognition of Hall of Famers. 1988 Olympic super heavy weight 3x Heavy Weight champion Lennox Lewis. The one and only 4x Heavy Weight champion Evander Holyfield. Last but certainly not least the youngest boxer with 16 world titles 2x world champ THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET  the infamous Mike “Iron Mike” Tyson. With much noise also coming from the undercard winner of the light division. Out of North Las Vegas, a 3x national champion boxer father from Cuba, a 7x national judo champion sister, and a amuture record of 25 wins and 10 losses. The Money Team takes a another win with Rolando “rolly” Romero stopping Ahmetovos by KO IN THE 2nd round. Bringing Romeros stats up to 11 wins and 10 by KO. We can be sure to see more from this young bomber as his career grows in the world of boxing.

For now we enjoy the newly popular memes of Fury’s powerful punch to the face of Wilder.

Trusting the process while taking all punches I bring u the hype. LenorMunster

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