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6th Annual Fresh Faces Spotlight Vol. 5 - A-Train

35 days. We are getting closer and closer to the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival. If you've found yourself craving more information on the biggest completely independent festival in the world then you’ll want to keep reading. We are proud to showcase some ”Fresh Faces“ that are coming up in the AZ Hip Hop scene and next up is the man they call A-Train.

A-Train is the real deal on the mic. With many fans turning to fanatics this artist has proven why he is an artist to look out for in the future. He hails from Arizona and represents it on many levels. From his collab with Sincerely Collins on “Hometown” to his insane energy on stages throughout the desert; A-Train has made a name for himself in AZ Hip Hop. When you hear his music you can easily hear influences of Jay-Z and Eminem with modern touches of Kendrick Lamar thrown in. But don’t get too weighed down with the comparisons because A-Train definitely has a voice that is all his own. He has been putting out music like a mad man. To call him brand new to the game would be wrong with music being released consistently over the last 4 years but A-Train has been gaining momentum by honing his craft and performing with artists like Joseph Bills, The Fonzarelli Project, & J. Rob The Chief amongst many others. His powerful stage presence and energy shouldn’t be missed this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

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