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6th Annual Fresh Faces Spotlight Vol. 4 - DIRTSQUAD

43 days. We are getting closer and closer to the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival. If you've found yourself craving more information on the biggest completely independent festival in the world then you’ll want to keep reading. We are proud to showcase some ”Fresh Faces“ that are coming up in the AZ Hip Hop scene and next up is the Hip Hop trio, DIRTSQUAD.

DIRTSQUAD are great ambassadors of Phoenix, AZ. The have always shown love to their city and represent it at every turn. Known mostly for their devoted fan base and passionate performances this trio has associate members but the originators, RooX, AK & Justin Klein, they are DIRTSQUAD. The trio started rapping in the cafeteria in school which led to performances outside of the school grounds and now it has led them to rocking countless stages and festivals. They have opened for artists like Lil Wayne, Twista, Joyner Lucas and many more heavy hitters and definitely held their own on stage.

The team stands behind their belief that through love you can achieve your dreams and that is highlighted by their smash single “DREAMS” and by their intense love for all things Arizona Hip Hop. They all have their own style and flow and play as well separately as they do as a complete unit. You have fast flows and great syllable counts with Justin Klein, You have dope metaphors and delivery with RooX, and charisma with personal insights when AK comes up. They don’t stay in those lanes all the time as you can find them switching roles effortlessly. These three artists are not to be missed. Check them out this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.



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