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6th Annual Fresh Faces Spotlight Vol. 2 - A.S.T.

64 days and counting. We are getting closer and closer to the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival. If you've found yourself craving more information on the biggest completely independent festival in the world then you’ll want to keep reading. We are proud to showcase some ”Fresh Faces“ that are coming up in the AZ Hip Hop scene and the next artist we have up is A.S.T.

Always Stay True. That’s a strong statement and it’s one that A.S.T. (if you could tell those are what he initials of his name mean) literally represents everyday. There’s something to be said about an artist that stays true. You can‘t let yourself get pigeonholed or labeled, it will put you in a box and thus create a ceiling for you and your music. A.S.T. supports those that want to label him with his Mesa, AZ and latino roots. He proves it with his music and being a huge part of the Brown Boys Movement. But he wants everyone to know he isn‘t going to let you put the label of “Latino rapper” on him so you can just put him in a box. He makes music that you can bump from the Bay to the Bronx, no matter who you are. Speaking of the Bay Area of California, you can feel both Mesa, AZ and the Bay Area in A.S.T. and his music. The cadences remind you old school Bay Area Hip Hop with his Mesa, AZ influences are at the forefront with an unapologetic championship contender‘s mentality. A.S.T. knows he belongs, and with songs like “The League“ feat A-Dub da Prodigy and “Break The Rules” it’s obvious he isn’t wrong, A.S.T. belongs in the conversations that determine artistry and appreciation. With less than 4 years under his belt it’s clear to see this is an artist to keep an eye on. His EP, titled “Everyday hustle”, is set to be released soon and is produced by talented artist/producer Jsph Lior. Don‘t miss his performance at the 6th Annual AZ Hip Hop Festival.

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NOW Mind and Body
NOW Mind and Body
Sep 14, 2019

Sounds dope, he going to be at the open Mic tonight?

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