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6th Annual Fresh Faces Spotlight Vol. 1 - D. Carter

79 days and counting. We are getting closer and closer to the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival. If you've found yourself craving more information on the biggest completely independent festival in the world then you’ll want to keep reading. We are proud to showcase some ”Fresh Faces“ that are coming up in the AZ Hip Hop scene and the first artist we have up is D.Carter, an Arizona artist/producer with a knack for connecting with his audience. When you listen to his song "All Nighter" you can see why it has been received so well. Influenced by Futuristic on the artist side and Kato on the producer side, D. Carter has a balanced wisdom and a certain tranquility, especially about his path in music. When asked about what he has learned throughout his four years in the game, D. Carter speaks with the foresight and confidence you might expect from a 10+ year veteran; " patient, always believe in yourself, never doubt yourself, never hate on other artists pursuing the same dream, and that when your time is ready it will happen."

If you have been to "Good Time Charli's" in Chandler, AZ then you have probably seen D. Carter. He hosts Hip Hop nights at the popular restaurant and the word of mouth is allowing it to gain momentum as this is being typed. The always busy and ever creating artist finds himself in the midst of handling the complete production of a full album while also working on a joint EP with fellow Arizona artist Talika, which should both arrive before the end of 2019. When you are inspired by the hard work of your own family it builds an internal drive to succeed in you. That is exactly what pushes D. Carter to keep building on his achievements and creating music with accomplished artists such as Delly Everyday, Mic Myers, Bag of Tricks Cat, and A-Dub Da Prodigy amongst others. With a creative eye on videography and photography it looks like D. Carter isn't going to stop pushing his growth as an artist and skilled professional in the music industry.

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