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6th Annual Artist Spotlight Vol. 25 - Bruc3 Mesa Made

Can you believe that we are only 15 days until the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival? That means everyone is looking at the lineups and trying to decide which artists to catch live. We wanted to help highlight some artists you should check out when the biggest Hip Hop event in Arizona commences for the sixth year in a row. We know you need to know about Bruc3 Mesa Made.

The Brown Boyz movement is going strong as we roll into the festival and Bruc3 from Mesa Made, A.K.A. The Menudo Kingpin, is one of the biggest names making noise in AZ Hip Hop not just the Brown Boyz. His roots are 100 percent AZ. Growing up and making music in Mesa, his label Mesa Made is aptly named and has artists aplenty getting attention. Bruc3 accepts his label of a Chicano rapper and values his heritage. He also doesn’t allow others to put him into any category that would section him off from his personal path. You listen to his music and hear trap and west coast Hip Hop influences. You watch his music videos and see his deep admiration for his roots. Check out his videos for “VM4” & “I Like It (Cardi B Remix)“ and you’ll see how he constantly shows love to his hometown. He’s shaped by his upbringing but won’t be defined by it. He embraces his past while creating his own future. It‘s easy to see why people have connected with his music.

Bruc3 Mesa Made has become a homegrown and organic success that has a real fanbase, flourishing label and is one of the premier faces of a movement that is uniting artists across the state off Arizona. From seeing the Arizona Hip Hop scene change in the past 10 years from a cut throat war zone to headlining the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival full of artists that support and work with one another constantly is a big statement. It’s a statement that Bruce Mesa Made anticipates being another step towards Arizona taking off as a major player in Hip Hop. When speaking to OG Pamps TV in March of this year he said in reference to the Arizona Hip Hop Festival, ”Everybody needs to get with that program. That’s a really good look for everybody. You know what I mean? Everybody needs to put their hate away.” Don’t miss out on one of Arizona‘s own rising stars headlining this year.

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