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6th Annual Artist Spotlight Vol. 21 - Ambition

We only have 22 days until the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival and everyone is looking at the lineups, trying to decide which artists to catch live. We wanted to help highlight some artists you should check out when the biggest Hip Hop event in Arizona commences for the sixth year in a row. Here is the woman known as Ambition.

Ambition is exactly what her name says she is. She’s been that way since she was a little kid playing instruments in church. She grew up listening to bands like Korn and Red Hot Chili Peppers and knew she was born for creating music and performing it live. At the age of 14 she found her self using her love for poetry as a base to find her voice. She was inspired by artists like Eminem, Drake and Mac Miller and began her journey into the Goddess we all know and love today. Today she one of the most charismatic artists on and off stage and can deliver bars with the best of them. The thing that truly sets her apart is the presence she has when she performs. She commands the crowds attention with every movement and delivers on every line. Now a proud and prominent face of The Brown Girlz movement, Ambition is showing that she is not happy with just being in the game for herself. She wants to build something bigger for herself and other female artists. If her hit single “Right Now” is any indication of what is in store for her I would say it’s only big things. She has definitely earned her name. Don’t miss her headlining performance this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

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