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6th Annual Artist Spotlight Vol. 15 - Pyro AZMB

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

We are less than a month away from the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival. That means you are scanning the lineups and trying to decide which artists to catch live. We wanted to highlight some artists you should check out when the biggest Hip Hop event in Arizona commences for the sixth year in a row. We are proud to present an artist you need to check out, Pyro AZMB.

Born and raised in Arizona. Pyro has always represented AZ no matter where he goes and the love he has for his homestate is apparent when you see him rocking Cardinals gear in every state he visits. Arizona in many ways is an underdog state and Pyro embraces it. His flow is uniquely aggressive in a way you might only get from being an underdog that knows they have a bigger bite than the consensus bigger dogs in the fight. Pyro is more than just one of the better rappers amongst his peers though, he’s also a visionary. The founder of The Browns Boyz, a latin collective of independent artists that strive for unity and progress, Pyro has shown he has bigger aspirations for himself and AZ Hip Hop as a whole. Pyro fully intends to put a face to AZ Hip Hop with The Brown Boyz. Check out his collaboration with fellow Brown Boy, GT Garza, “Brown Boyz” to get yourself familiarized with the movement. The idea of unifying so many artists might seem like a daunting task. It might seem wrought with peril and egos ripe for the spoiling but the man known for his calm demeanor and decidedly in your face flow has pulled it off with the help of a talented roster of consistent and motivated individuals. Don’t miss his headlining performance this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

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Veronica Piedra
Veronica Piedra
Oct 18, 2019

So proud of you Pyro and I am so glad I've had the opportunity to work alongside you. I've learned so much from you and look up to you fam!

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