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6th Annual Artist Spotlight Vol. 14 - Whitt Tucker

Can you believe it is only 31 more days until the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival? That means you are probably scanning the lineups and trying to decide which artists to catch live. We wanted to highlight some artists you should check out when the biggest Hip Hop event in Arizona commences for the sixth year in a row. We are proud to present Whitt Tucker.

If you're a fan of living in the moment and looking for every opportunity to have a good time then Whitt Tucker is an artist for you. A veteran in Arizona Hip Hop as part of the disbanded group Terrorist Angel Babies From Neptune, Whitt Tucker is still out in the Milky Way just where we like him. His songs bring a lighthearted approach back to Hip Hop without sacrificing that all too critical element of wordplay. The man named Whitt is definitely filled with it. He isn’t just a studio rapper as his presence on stage is energetic and never fails to get the crowd moving and involved. His videos are a reflection of the man crafting the music. They are full of his life and unique tongue in cheek POV towards most everything in life. His video for “Go Round” is a perfect example of what a Whitt Tucker song or performance or even just a random encounter might be like. He has a collab drop with the monster of the midway, Twista. Working with a legend in Hip Hop like Twista is a big statement and one that should make you realize that just because his music celebrates the levity in life doesn’t mean you shouldn't take him seriously. Don’t miss his headlining performance this year at the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

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