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6ix9ine’s GF Might Have Let His Prison Release Date Slip

Jade, the girlfriend of incarcerated rapper 6ix9ine, seems to have made a mistake when she posted a photo of herself and captioned it with what seemed like a hint 6ix9ine’s prison release date. She has deleted the caption but it seemed to point at a January 2020 release date. “6 more months motherfucker,” The caption also included three different emojis: a rainbow, house and two hearts.

Jade edited the post shortly after to say “These jail calls serious,” which most believe doesn’t mean much. Unless he takes a plea deal, 6ix9ine’s federal case is expected to go to trial in September. Several of his co-defendants have already made deals in an effort to minimize their time. 9 of the 11 people charged in the federal case have pleaded guilty.

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Aug 04, 2019

And guess who gonna be waiting for him when he gets back..... #paytorep #youaintnoG

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