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6 Underground Releases For Your Quarantine Playlist

The Coronavirus has the country in a state of shock. Some of us have been ordered to "stay-at-home" while others still have to brave the outside world to go to work everyday. Whether you're stuck inside or not, add these songs to your quarantine playlists to make your down-time a little more bearable.

Hotbox-N-Smoothies, Vol. 1

Hanzo the Phantom

We last heard from Hanzo with the second single "French Inhale" from Hotbox-N-Smoothies, Vol.1 which dropped earlier this month. The aerospace engineer/rapper first made waves in Seattle with the video for his song, "My Name", but later settled in Denver where he perfected his sound and style. As an aerospace engineer by day and rapper by moonlight, he's an unexpected blend of "Bay Area Hype" and silver-tongued intellective. His first project of the year, this EP gives us a closer glimpse at the things that make Hanzo the Phantom tick.


Teller Bank$

Previously known for a grittier flow, Teller Bank$ released his newest tribute project. This time, he pays homage to Kanye West on OLDYE and reserves his usual manic style for a melodic concept project. After a series of tumultuous events, Teller's life trajectory completely changed directions. His twin daughters were prematurely-born at 1lb 8oz, he was misdiagnosed with cancer, went through a federal raid of his home, went through a divorce, and took two trips to the psych ward in a matter of just a few years. Ascending above the hardship with a renewed sense of ambition, Teller Bank$ keeps on creating.



 1-natVson-1 is a progressive rapper based in Denver, CO. His lyrics approach political concepts from the perspective of someone who's lived through some of the most destructive effects of an unequal system. "Ultra" is his latest single that highlights the fact that there is light within each one of us and he urges us to bring the light out to create change in our individual worlds.



Repping his legendary T Dot label, Music That Matter(MTM), Cheffie brings his own Weston Road flows to the forefront. The Toronto-based, LOX-inspired spitter consistently performs for sold-out crowds at his shows and has become a staple in Toronto's diverse Hip-Hop scene. After bouncing back emotionally from the death of his label CEO in 2016, Cheffie has been on a lyrical crusade. His latest single, "Members" is a reminder that we all want to win.

This Is Me


Fourteen years ago, Atak lost his best friend and survived a gunshot to the face and shin in an altercation outside of a Denver bar. After his wounds healed, the "Real Migos" rapper consistently delivered hit after hit while he bounced back and forth between living in Atlanta and Denver, amassing an extensive list of epic features. This new album is a look back at his life and appraises all the things that are important to him now, not only as an artist, but also a father.


Iman S.

Named after his clothing boutique in Denver, CO, Iman S.' new project, Victory, shows off his unique style. Each song is lyrically complex and surprises with unexpected choices of word and engaging sounds. The streetwear designer is known for his sense of fashion and confident attitude.

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Major Shout out to Bryanne Elaine & Respect the Underground ✊🏾💯☝🏾 WE SHALL OVERCOME !!! In the meantime... 🎶 📻 🌍

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